Alabama Search and Rescue

Central Alabama Search and Rescue
Central Alabama SAR was formerly Walker County Rescue which was formed in 1965 as a Civil Defense squad. Over the years the squad began to specialize and in 2005 began Search & Rescue operations including SAR K-9 (Live, cadaver, HRD), a Public Safety Dive Team, and Rope Rescue teams. We also offer Search & Rescue training courses to Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, SAR teams, any public safety agency and civilians.

Daphne Search and Rescue
The team responds in an area of approximately 300 square miles of waterways including the northern half of Mobile Bay and the Five Rivers delta system. We also provide land search and rescue services for Daphne, AL. The team has responded to calls from as far as New Orleans, Tuscaloosa and the Florida panhandle. We continue to provide mutual aid responses to any public safety organization that requests us.

HEMSI Search Dog Unit
The HEMSI Search Dog Unit stands ready to assist any person or agency upon request as a public service without compensation.

Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit
We are a professional all-volunteer non-profit organization specializing in cave, cliff, high-angle, urban and rough terrain search and rescue operations. We do NOT self-dispatch, so if you require cave rescue, please contact your local emergency services (typically 911) and be sure to ask that the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) request our aid. You are welcome to contact us about your situation after you contact emergency services, but bear in mind we are not allowed on scene until our presence is requested by the AHJ.

Huntsville-Madison County Rescue Squad
We are one of the primary rescue agencies in Madison County, Alabama. We currently have one station located in the center of Madison County’s largest city, Huntsville. From this station we staff 1 advanced rescue truck with 2 to 3 crew members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also staff a second advanced rescue truck when the primary truck is busy working rescues.

Lower Alabama Search and Rescue
Lower Alabama Search and Rescue (LASAR) Is a State and National recognized all volunteer organization dedicated to help others. Our motto, “Failure is not an option” is something we believe in and let it guide our every mission.

North Alabama Search Dog Association
NASDA provides a variety of certified seach and rescue dog teams in the state of Alabama, southern Tennesee, Georgia and elsewhere by request.  We specialize in wilderness live work as well as human remains detection dogs for both land and water. Our teams are trained in area/airscent live find; trailing live find, human remains or cadaver land and human remains or cadaver, water.  Some dogs are crosstrained on live and HRD.

Southwest Panhandle Search and Rescue
We train and certify our K-9’s to the highest national standards for search and rescue.  We require our members to be nationally certified as Search And Rescue Technicians.  We study missing persons behavior, scent theory, crime scene preservation, search management and man tracking to make our team a valuable professional asset on any search. We make ourselves available to law enforcement as well as fire departments .  We are also a recognized resource by many emergency Management Agencies  along the Gulf Coast to respond to searches and humanitarian relief efforts in the case of a disaster or hurricane.  We can and do work with other search and rescue teams where we can  provide unique K-9’s and/or emotional first aid responders or to supplement their existing team with our search capabilities.  All of our services are offered at NO CHARGE.


warning_iconIf you know of another Search and Rescue (SAR) Resource, please contact us and tell us about it for possible inclusion in the Missing Person Guide.