Alaska Search and Rescue

Alaska Search & Rescue Dogs
Alaska Search & Rescue Dogs (ASARD) is a nonprofit, volunteer emergency service unit based in Anchorage, Alaska. Its primary purpose is to assist in search and rescue (SAR) operations using teams of highly trained search dogs and searcher-handlers. ASARD teams can work with startling speed in some situations. They are prepared to be self-sufficient for days in the field on extended operations. Around Alaska and around the world, search dog teams have responded to incidents involving such cases as: lost children, hikers, and skiers, missing senior citizens, missing hunters and snowmachiners, aircraft and boating accidents, snow avalanches and landslides, collapsed buildings and earthquakes, flood and disaster evacuations.

Anchorage Police Depart Auxiliary Search Team
To assist the Anchorage Police Department (APD) in locating and rendering aid to persons reported lost or missing within the APD service district. Other areas of support include evidence searches, natural or man-made disasters, and public or special events.

Bethel Search and Rescue
The Bethel Search and Rescue team is an all-volunteer group of men and women who respond to calls for help for missing persons in the Bethel area. The BSAR also provides assistance when requested by the Alaska State Troopers, Civil Air Patrol, City of Bethel Police, Village Police Safety Officers, and other SAR teams in villages surrounding Bethel.

Juneau Mountain Rescue
Juneau Mountain Rescue, Inc. is a volunteer, nonprofit, educational corporation dedicated to providing technical search and rescue, outdoor rescue, and safety training for the Southeast Alaska regional area, as well as nationally and globally as needed.

Kodiak Island Search and Rescue
Kodiak Island Search and Rescue (KISAR) is a non-profit organization whose objectives are exclusively charitable, scientific or educational. Specifically, our purposes are: To furnish highly trained volunteers and dog teams for search and rescue for the benefit and welfare of the community, To organize and support the continuing education and training of volunteers, dog teams and support personnel in accepted search and rescue methods., To increase public awareness of search and rescue trained volunteers and dog teams and provide informational and educational programs and demonstrations to institutions, agencies and community organizations.

MATSAR is a non profit, 501c3 corporation started in 2003 and based in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, in South Central Alaska. It is a group of currently about 30 volunteer members who have the desire to train and work in outdoor environments to help save lives. We operate under and at the behest of the Alaska State Troopers and/or the National Park Service. We train to NASAR standards and currently have the majority of our roster certified as SARTech II. Many members of MATSAR are also involved local Emergency Services.

SEADOGS is a volunteer nonprofit [IRS 501(c)(3)] search and rescue organization dedicated to training and handling search dogs in southeast Alaska. The team works closely with other search and rescue groups, and is responsible to the Alaska State Troopers. Certified (Callout list) handlers are on 24-hour call, and available within 40 minutes or less, of notification for a search.   SEADOGS has been in operation for 31 years and is recognized nationally as a search and rescue organization. The group’s standards for dog and handlers were adapted from California WOOF and ‘DOGS’ (Anchorage).

Sitka Mountain Rescue
Sitka Mountain Rescue has been organized and active within the City and Borough of Sitka since the early 1960’s.  The team is all volunteer and currently has 53 active operational members on the roster.


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