Arizona Search and Rescue

Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc.
In the event of a missing child or loved one, the public has come to expect immediate response coupled with modern search management techniques from local agencies. In Arizona and throughout the nation, trained Search And Rescue (SAR) teams and (SAR) dog teams have consistently proven themselves as a valuable resource to the emergency services community and local law enforcement agencies when confronted with searching urban, wilderness and desert areas as well as locating victims of drowning. Arizona Search Track and Rescue, Inc. (AZ STaR) was formed to provide to the public, trained airscent and trailing dog/handler teams to assist in locating lost or missing persons. AZ STaR also has dog/handler teams specially trained in Alzheimer’s, cadaver and evidence searches.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Rescue
Mountain Rescue is called upon to perform search and rescue missions in the Arizona backcountry some of the most rugged terrain on the planet. Temperature extremes, expansive wilderness, and unforgiving topography are the hallmarks of the MCSO-MR mission load. Complex Rescue Scenarios Unlike other search and rescue groups, Mountain Rescue operates anywhere, anytime, in any weather. The more remote the location, the more difficult the circumstances — the more likely MCSO-MR will be the SAR team of choice. The result: Mountain Rescue has rescued thousands of people and saved hundreds of lives since its inception in 1969.

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team
The Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team (YCSRT) is a group of over 100 dedicated volunteers trained and ready to respond to wilderness emergencies. At any hour of the day, law enforcement agencies, national park and military officials may call upon the Team to aid an unfortunate victim. We are sub-divided into several groups of specialties referred to as units. Members are encouraged to join and train with more than one unit. Each unit is on constant alert to search for and effect the rescue of hikers, skiers, rock climbers and outdoorsmen whenever and wherever tragedy strikes. The Team performs about 95% of it’s missions in Yavapai County. However, it has traveled outside of the county to accomplish it’s lifesaving missions.


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