California Search and Rescue

Bay Area Search and Rescue Council
The Bay Area Search And Rescue Council (BASARC) was formed in 1990 to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and information, establish working groups to develop common training, communications and management skills, and to promote professionalism in the Search and Rescue community. Made up of the more than 1000 volunteer members, BASARC represents 20 separate Search and Rescue Organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

California Emergency Mobile Patrol
C.E.M.P. has been an established all-volunteer emergency team since 1962. We’re very proud to celebrate over 50 years of consistent service, impeccable track record and respected heritage. As the only suburban search & rescue team in the entire city of Los Angeles, we are recognized and utilized by the LAPD, Park Rangers, County Police, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and LAFD.

California Explorer Search and Rescue
California Explorer Search and Rescue (Cal-ESAR) is a volunteer search and rescue team based in the San Francisco Bay Area that responds to searches and other emergencies throughout the State of California. Cal-ESAR is a resource of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Service. We operate as a non-profit organization open to motivated adults and youth (in High School and older). Additional information on the unit, our history, our mission, and a description of our training schedule is available via the menu to the left. Directions and maps to our meetings are available by clicking on the calendar event below.

Los Angeles Search Dogs
Consisting of a handler and dog, an LASD search team specializes in one or more disciplines.  These disciplines include Trailing, Area and Cadaver and are deployed in wilderness and urban settings.  Support personnel accompany the team as needed.  Teams provide their services to law enforcement agencies and the California Office of Emergency Services without charge.  Dogs are selected based on aptitude and drive rather than by breed.

Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit
The Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit is a group of volunteers trained and ready to respond to wilderness emergencies. At any hour of the day, law enforcement agencies, national park and military officials may call upon the Unit to aid an unfortunate victim. The unit is on constant alert, via text messages, to search for and effect the rescue of hikers, skiers, rock climbers and outdoorsmen whenever and wherever tragedy strikes. The unit performs about 95% of it’s missions in Riverside County. However, it has traveled south into Mexico, north into the High Sierras and into Nevada to accomplish it’s lifesaving missions.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Cave & Technical Rescue Team
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Cave & Technical Rescue Team is composed of unpaid professional rescuers who serve under the auspices of the San Bernardino County Sheriff. We are a Cal-EMA Type 1 Technical Rope, Type 1 Wilderness Search, Type 1 Alpine, and Type 1 Cave Rescue Team.

San Diego Mountain Rescue Team

San Jose Search and Rescue
San Jose Search and Rescue is an emergency response team, created in 1968, that serves the city of San Jose and the surrounding communities. We enjoy a strong relationship with the San Jose police and fire departments, responding at their request to a wide variety of call types. We are proud to be one of the links in the emergency services chain for the city of San Jose. In the past 30 years, San Jose Search and Rescue has responded to every major natural disaster and high-profile search in the bay area. We are a group of unpaid volunteers who care deeply about our city, and helping people in need.

Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team, Inc.
The Nordic Team is called out many times each year responding to a variety of search and rescue operations. Wandering children, lost hunters, urban disasters, mud slides, avalanches, ski lift evacuations, downed aircraft, and snow-bound shepherds: these are but a sampling of the incidents that the Team has responded to throughout California and Nevada. No two “callouts” are ever the same. The majority of the Team’s responses, however, are for individuals lost in the winter wilderness of the Sierra Nevada. To date, the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team has located over 300 individuals; 60% of these have been patrons of a ski resort that have strayed from the area’s boundary into unfamiliar and rugged mountain terrain. The majority of these searches (and rescues) have historically occurred at night and during blizzards. The Nordic Team has conducted searches originating from most all of the Lake Tahoe ski areas, and has maintained an unrivaled success rate for finding these lost recreationists.


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