Indiana Search and Rescue

Midwest Search Dogs, Inc.
Midwest Search Dogs is located in Central Indiana and is a completely volunteer organization. We are dedicated to training highly qualified K9s for Search and Rescue of lost or missing persons. We provide several search disciplines, free of charge, to assist Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMA, and Government Agencies in our community. Our team has individuals trained and certified to nationally recognized search standards, both K-9 and Ground SAR Responder.

Tri-State Search And Rescue Inc.
TSSAR is based out of Cincinnati Ohio, most members live on the west side of Cincinnati. (Colerain Township area) . TSSAR is a registered 501c3 nonprofit volunteer search and rescue organization. All of TSSAR’s members maintain a level of training including at least the following: first aid\cpr, CERT (fema), ICS 100  200  700  800 and either Sartech II or III via NASAR standards.  Some members choose to attain additional certifications. Also, we have a number of Firefighter\EMTs in our group. 

Ohio Valley Search and Rescue Inc.
This is a civilian wilderness non-profit organization  who provide well-trained dogs, handlers and support personnel to search for and rescue lost or missing persons within a hundred-mile radius of Evansville, Indiana. This team is specifically trained to assist with land and water searches, as well as natural or man-made disasters in which people may be trapped or missing.


warning_iconIf you know of another Search and Rescue (SAR) Resource, please contact us and tell us about it for possible inclusion in the Missing Person Guide.