Maine Search and Rescue

Franklin Search and Rescue
Franklin Search & Rescue or ‘F-SAR’ is an all volunteer organization of about 30 men & women from all walks of life. Our members have some common interests: a passion for being outdoors in Maine’s wilderness, helping others in need, learning new skills and working together as a team. FSAR’s Mission Statement is: To render aid to persons in distress, administer emergency care, perform activities relative to the rescue of persons in distress in a remote wilderness setting and promote wilderness safety and backcountry education to the general public.

Maine Search and Rescue Dogs
“Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD) is a non-profit organization that provides official agencies in the State of Maine and the Northeast region with trained and certified volunteer search and rescue dog teams that aid and assist in the recovery of missing persons. To accomplish this, MESARD teams will strive to maintain high levels of competence, professionalism, public service and ethics.” Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD) is a volunteer K9 Search and Rescue group in Maine that supports search missions conducted by the Maine Warden Service, State Police, and other law enforcement agencies across Maine. A MESARD team consists of a K9 handler and a search dog that have completed extensive training and passed certifications. All MESARD teams comply with the Maine Association for Search and Rescue standards.

Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue
Formed in 1982, we are an all volunteer, non-profit service organization that provides search and rescue assistance on Mount Desert Island and surrounding communities. MDI SAR team members respond to callouts by Acadia National Park, the Maine Warden Service, and local police and fire departments. Capabilities of our team include ground searches for missing persons, emergency wilderness medicine, and technical rope rescue.

Wilderness Rescue Team
The Wilderness Rescue Team is an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation that has been serving the people of Maine for more than 35 years. Our mission is to provide search, technical rescue, and medical services in wilderness areas throughout the state. Here are some highlights of our activities and affiliations:  Since 1984, we have maintained a written Memorandum of Agreement with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to provide medical and technical rescue services upon their request. We also have been affiliated with Maine’s Baxter State Park Search and Rescue Team since 1976 and regularly train with them. Along with other SAR teams in the state, we provide on-site SAR services in the Park on summer weekends. This service involves positioning at least two, and preferably four, team members in the park who can rapidly respond to search, rescue, and medical emergencies.  We maintain a verbal agreement with the Maine Department of Conservation, Bureau of Forestry to provide medical assistance to their fire suppression efforts during severe forest fires.



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