Missouri Search and Rescue

Gateway Search Dogs
Gateway Search Dog’s (GSD) membership includes individuals and canines that are certified in various disciplines by national organizations. These certifying organizations include but are not limited to, North American Police Work Dog Association, International Police Work Dog Association, National Search Dog Alliance and National Association for Search and Rescue. Our canine teams specialize in wilderness area search, water human remains detection, land human remains detection and tracking/trailing. GSD will serve all city, county, and state agencies without prejudice and will work in cooperation with other SAR organizations. We are an all volunteer organization and there are no charges for our service.  We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  GSD operates independently of any political entity.

Missouri Search & Rescue K-9
MoSAR is a volunteer, non-profit dog/handler unit operating under the laws of the United States and the state of Missouri.  Ours is a service group whose primary objective is to find lost or injured persons and to assist in saving lives.

Missouri Task Force 1
An Urban Search and Rescue task Force is used to locate, remove and provide medical care to persons in collapsed buildings.

Newton County Rescue and Recovery
Newton County Rescue and Recovery (NCRR) Was formed in the late 1990s under the name Newton County Search and Rescue. We were formed to provide support to our local Fire, EMS, and Law Enforecement agencies/departments in times of need by providing our specially trained personnel and equipment. Our team members are trained in water rescue, dive operations, wilderness and urban search and rescue, and Incident Command/Emergency Management Operations. Due to time and budget restrictions, most local agencies are unable to properly train their personnel in these areas in addition to their normal training requirements. Since our team does not train in firefighting, law enforcement, or EMS services, we are able to focus our training on the skills we specialize in and provide our skills to the other area departments. NCRR is a Missouri Non-Profit agency, Federal 501(c)(3) approved, 100% volunteer search, rescue, and recovery team based in southern Joplin MO. We operate primarily on donations from the public. Do not let our name fool you. We are based in Newton County however we actually work with throughout Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma. We operate Land Based Search Teams using trained personnel and highly trained K9s as well as a Dive/Water Rescue Team comprised of ERDI certified rescue divers to conduct water rescue and recovery operations. We are a dedicated group of well trained volunteers who are ready to respond at a moments notice to assist our fellow citizens during all emergencies, both large and small.

Shawn Hornbeck Search and Rescue
We provide our rescue services FREE of charge, 24 hours a day, when contacted directly by Law Enforcment and/or other Emergency Service Agencies within a 100 mile radius of St. Louis in both Missouri and Illinois


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