Oklahoma Search and Rescue

Four States Search and Rescue
Four States Search and Rescue, Inc. is based in Texarkana, Texas and is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Originally established in 1993, the unit reorganized in 2007 and is primarily a canine search group, working in the search disciplines of trailing, air scenting and human remains detection on land and water. Our members are volunteers dedicated to assisting in the search of lost or missing persons on the land and in the water with specialty trained canine teams. The unit deploys at the request of local, state or federal law enforcement agencies or offices of emergency management. FSSAR cannot conduct a missing person search at the request of private individuals. As civilian volunteers, FSSAR teams cannot respond in instances of criminal pursuit searches that may present a threat to a dog team. However, some of our members are affiliated with law enforcement agencies and may work on cases as private individuals.


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