Wisconsin Search and Rescue

Great Lakes Search and Rescue Canine of Wisconsin, Inc.
Great Lakes Search & Rescue K-9, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing specially trained dogs to assist law enforcement agencies in locating missing persons, drown victims, evidence recovery, and natural disasters. GLSAR dog teams respond throughout the State of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. All GLSAR dogs must show proficiency through certification before being utilized on search calls

Headwaters Search and Rescue Dog Unit
The American Rescue Dog Association® (ARDA®) is comprised of highly skilled volunteer search and rescue units across the United States that operate in conjunction with local law enforcement or other applicable emergency services agencies to assist in the location of missing persons. ARDA units provide specially trained dogs to locate missing persons in wilderness, disaster, human remains and water search and rescue/recovery missions. Each member unit is required to adhere to the Association’s rigid standards and undergo a rigorous two-day field evaluation every three years to ensure these standards are being maintained. Units are available 24-hours a day to respond to requests for services from applicable local, state or federal responsible agencies. Our search and rescue canine teams deploy in many circumstances, at several levels, at no cost to Federal and Local departments. ARDA resources operate solely as volunteers, and rely on donations for our continued operations. 


warning_iconIf you know of another Search and Rescue (SAR) Resource, please contact us and tell us about it for possible inclusion in the Missing Person Guide.