Steps for a missing person

Recommended Steps For a Missing Person:

num_1Make Some Calls 
Do not panic. Contact workplaces, local hospitals, the local jail, friends, family and any other location where the missing person may have gone. [read more]


num_2File a Missing Person Report
Once you have sufficient reason to believe they are in fact missing, contact your local law enforcement agency to make a missing persons report. [read more]


num_3Share the Information
You should work to get the information about the missing person out to as many people as possible.  There are several things you can do to help make this happen. [read more]


num_4Be Proactive
Unfortunately, people go missing every day.  Be proactive in your search for the missing person. [read more]


num_5Once Located, Inform Law Enforcement
Once the missing person has been located, inform law enforcement to make sure they are aware. [read more]